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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Tuesday, 8:30 AM.  14 degrees F, wind W, calm with occasional light gusts.  The barometer is trending down at 29.69 in., and the humidity is up, at 90%.  It is snowing gently, and there is about 4” of fluffy new snow on the ground, enough for the city plow to plug up the end of the driveway.
    We are again socked in with fog.  So much for my theory of no open water out there.  When I first opened the door ago an hour ago I could hear the unmistakable roar of the morning wind sled. Joan and I both have dentist appointments in Ashland this morning so we have to leave shortly.
    The Air Force One pilot evidently overshot the Chicago runway Sunday and landed in Minneapolis, a little northwest of the Windy City.  Chicago is where the president should have given his gun violence speech.  Minneapolis (and its sister city St. Paul) is a  model big city that has decreased its gun violence by forty percent, without much if any help from the federal government.  Chicago had 800 murders last year and is heading for the same figure or greater in the new year.  Chicago is wracked by drug gang violence and political corruption,  and has the worst school system in the country.  Chicago’s mayor is President Obama’s former chief of staff and is his political soul mate.  Chicago and Illinois have among the most restrictive gun laws in the nation, and Illinois is the only state without a concealed carry law.  Chicago is President Obama’s home town.  Chicago desperately needs help as it slowly sinks into criminal chaos.
    So it would have been fitting, if not actually helpful, for President Obama to have landed in Chicago with his basically meaningless and self-serving speech.  Got to get that big jet into the landing pattern a little sooner next time.

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