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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Tuesday, 17 degrees F, wind SW, light with stronger gusts. The sky has been alternately completely overcast and then clearing since dawn, and the outcome of the struggle remains in doubt.  The barometer has risen slightly to 30.01 in. but the humidity is still 87%.  There is a bitter tinge to the air and a few snow flakes are falling.  The last snow was quite wet and the roads are now snow packed and icy.
    The countryside is indeed beautiful but it all is beginning to be too much of a good thing.  We have a trip to make today to Westfield, in the south central part of the state and it will be interesting to see what things looks like there in what is now mid-winter.
    The Pope has resigned.  Long live the Pope.  It is a wise and virtuous person who can admit to the inability to continue to do a difficult and demanding job.  One might hope that attitude would spread to Washington, DC, but I am afraid it is a place where few saints reside. 

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