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Saturday, February 16, 2013


Saturday,  8:45 AM.  5 degrees F, wind WSW, light.  The barometer remains steady at 30.25 in., and the humidity is up, at 85%.  It has begun to snow in earnest to add to the dusting already on the driveway. 
    The sun was but a cold yellow blob this morning as it tried to generate enough heat to assume its responsibilities to the earth.  It eventually rose above the omnipresent clouds of the eastern horizon where it did its daily duty for a short while but has now evidently given up and retreated from the scene.  It is a very changeable and unpredictable day.
    Nebraska’s Chuck Hagel has also failed in his first attempt to be appointed Secretary of Defense.
    Democrats are complaining that the 58-40 vote in the senate, two votes short of the 60 needed to stop debate and allow a vote, was unprecedented as the first time in history that a filibuster has been used to block a Secretary of Defense nominee.
    It is also the first time in history that the nominally Republican Hagel has been the nominee, a fact which pretty well explains the vote.

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