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Thursday, February 14, 2013


Thursday, Valentines Day.  9:00 AM.  28 degrees F, wind W, light with stronger gusts. The barometer is steady at 29.81 in., and the humidity is 80%.  It was a dark, dark dawn.  The day has lightened somewhat but there is still a high overcast.  A few fluffy snow flakes are falling, and  it is an undecided day.  The warmer it gets the slicker the roads and walkways become, and it will take a real warm spell to melt the ice on roads and roofs.
    If you wonder why college tuition and health insurance premiums are both going up exponentially, consider this:  Elective sex change operations have become a student right under the health insurance plan at Brown University. 
    So, be careful sending your son to Brown, as he may come home at spring break as your daughter. Wearing a skirt instead of pants.  With a purse instead of pockets. As Pauline instead of Paul.  I would surmise there is not as great a chance of your daughter becoming your son, as it is far more difficult to add an organ than to subtract one.  But I wouldn’t count on it.

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