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Saturday, February 23, 2013


Saturday, 9:00  AM.  27 degrees  F, wind W, calm. There is a gentle snow falling, again!
We  have gotten at least a foot of snow in the last twenty-four hours and it looks like more is in the works. I hardly know where to put it anymore,  but it is beautiful.  I think we have a normal or better snow accumulation this year, after a couple of light snow winters.  Should bring the lake level up.
   I somehow lost access to my blog account.  At first I thought someone shut me down but upon further consideration realized I am far to insignificant a commentator to attract much attention, so I finally figured out that I had really messed up my account and password.  So I'm back!
    But in the meantime I bought a new computer, a Macbook Pro, and it will take me a while to get
used to it, so will close for now, but there is considerable news to report, and photos will be back.
   I do have very sad local news, however.  The big lake claimed two more victims this week, two Madeline Island residents who left Bayfield at 9:30 PM Wednesday and never reached home.  They were reported missing on Thursday morning and a search revealed their snowmobile partially submerged off the south shore of the Island, in the treacherous South Channel, where Bayfield resident Jim Hudson died two weeks ago.  One man was found dead on the ice, and divers had to search the frigid water beneath the ice to find the other.  Again, it was a senseless tragedy as they should have stayed on the ice road, which is well marked with Chrsitmas trees.  Perhaps they got lost in the fog, or perhaps they took a joyride, it will never be known, for dead men tell no tales.

                                              JOAN, BUDDY AND LOTS OF SNOW

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