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Sunday, July 14, 2013




Sunday, 8:00 AM.  70 degrees F on the porch, several degrees cooler on the lakefront.  the wind is N, very light.  We had a trace of rain early this morning, and everything is wet again.  The sky is heavy with rain clouds to the east and south, and partly cloudy with some sunshine to the north. The humidity is 88% and the barometer is up, at 30.11".  the day is a tossup weather- wise.  
   I managed to clean up the perennial garden yesterday, which had become a huge mess with all the rain-induced growth.  The New England Asters have encroached on everything else and I cut them back severely with the hope of giving the tall phlox and other summer plants a chance to bloom.
   We are now seeing carriage rides in town on a regular basis, a nice addition to summer.   I don't imagine there is enough walk-on business to just have the carriage stationed downtown waiting for riders.  This one was probably hired for a wedding. 
   The beach peas (Lathyrus maritimus , synonym japonicus) are blooming everywhere now, they are quite beautiful but you don't want them in the garden, as they vine very strongly and choke out the other flowers.  Like the lupines, leave them grow where they want to, in the wild.  They are an interesting plant, appearing on large lakes and ocean shoes circumpolar in the northern hemisphere, and even in locations in the southern hemisphere.  Use the blog search engine to find more information from previous posts.

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