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Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Tuesday,  8:00 AM.  56 degrees F, wind calm.  the sky is cobalt blue and absolutely cloudless.  The humidity is 73% and the barometer is still trending up, at 30.21".  It is a "perfect ten" morning.  It is great weather to welcome daughter Eva and grandkids Nickolas and Katie, who arrive from Denver this evening.
   The mystery of our welcome to Miller Park and the Milwaukee Brewers game with the Atlanta Braves the evening of June 21st. has been  solved.
  As you may recall, the message we read on the big screen behind center field read, "The Milwaukee Brewers welcome Joan and Art Ode," and we could not think who would spend the $100 to post the greeting, let alone who besides a blog reader and one or two close relatives would even have known we were going to the game.
   Well, it turns out it was a blog reader, Andrew Olsen, a Brewer executive who grew up in Bayfield, and whose parents, Einar and Dawn Olsen, are retired Bayfield apple orchardists and also readers of the Almanac.  Thanks, Andrew for your thoughtfulness, and many thanks to the Milwaukee Brewers for all they do, both on and off the field.  The team cannot always be a winner, but the Brewers organization is, for all it does for the Greater Milwaukee community and the State of Wisconsin.
   I often wonder who reads the Almanac, and why.  Whenever something like this occurs, it gives me a yet another peek at my audience.  It sure is fun.
   President Obama said in Africa the other day that Egypt's President Morsi "must respect the opposition and minority groups."  Good advice, Mr. President, which it would be well to follow yourself.

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