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Wednesday, July 10, 2013



Wednesday, 7:30 AM.  62 degrees F, wind W, light with stronger gusts.  The sky is rapidly clearing after a bit of rain last night.  The humidity is 84% and the barometer is trending up, at 29.94".  I was a cold and foggy day yesterday, Duluth actually socked in with fog.  Not a good weather welcome for our guests and old friends Dave and Betty Craig who are on the last leg of a Lake Superior Circle Tour, but we will have a fine a time showing them the sights today.
   I have a solution to the Edward Snowdon "man without a country" problem. It's very simple and equatable all around.  The CIA won't have to assassinate him, the FBI won't have to snare him at some international airport.  Venezuela won't have to grant him asylum.  The US Attorney won't have to indite him, and US courts won't have to try him.  The Administration won't have to listen to a lot of embarrassing testimony in open court.
   All that has to happen is for Congress to grant him immunity from prosecution in return for his testimony as to what the NSA is up to.  He can testify in open session and if need be in secret.  If in closed session, the public will soon know what he said anyway, because congressmen can't keep a secret either.
   This whole episode is a comedy of errors, a true farce.  Snowdon is either a traitor or totally naive, and the only individuals more sinister or naive than he is are the generals at the NSA who hired him.
   We can have a happy ending here for everyone, and Edward Snowdon can come home to his family and live-in girlfriend, if either still will have him, and he can probably get a job with the IRS deciphering Obama Care rules and regulations.

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