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Wednesday, July 17, 2013




Wednesday,  8:00 AM.  74 degrees on the porch, two degrees cooler on the lakefront.  the sky is cloudless but there is cconsiderable haze.  the wind is N, light.  the barometer is trending down slightly, at 30.17".  The humidity is 85%. It will be another hot, muggy day, Lake Superior or not.
   The red-berried elderberry in the back yard, Sambucus pubens, is bearing fruit.  This  species, which replaces the common elderberry, Sambucus canadensis, in the north, has beautiful scarlet berries, but does not seem to bear heavily enough to make a real landscape impact, although it does bloom pretty nicely. The berries do not stay on the plant long, eaten by birds as they ripen.  The berries have a rather nice, crisp, nutty flavor, but they are small and hardly worth the effort to pick them.
   We encountered this "invasive species and unwanted plant" truck, evidently a private company, in Washburn yesterday. Funny, but we used to call such plants weeds.
   We concluded from the tanks and hoses on the back of the truck that they were spraying a lot of toxic herbicide around the area.  I suspect they  have a government contract, perhaps to make Wisconsin safe from tansy, or something.  I wonder if the game is worth the candle, as they say.
   We are working on a pretty big landscape project so have little time for anything else this week.

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