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Monday, July 15, 2013

CHERRIES, COYOTES AND DOUBLE JEOPARDY ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''



Monday,  8:00 AM.  69 degrees F on the porch, 62 degrees at the lakefront.  The wind is N, calm with light gusts.  The sky is clear but hazy over the Islands, and the humidity is 95%.  The barometer is up, at 30.23".  It will be a nice but somewhat muggy day to do yard work.
   We stopped out at the Larsen camp yesterday evening, just to catch up on things after both we and they have had constant company for the last couple of weeks.  The mosquitoes were biting and the coyotes howling, but a good smokey fire kept both at bay.
   The fields of golden yellow Coreopsis continue to impress us.  The above scene is on Hwy J, just east of Valley Road.
    Local sweet cherries are available at Apple Hill Orchards, $4 per pound.  Owner Bill Ferarro says it is the best crop of cherries he has ever had.  Bing cherries are not hardy here, but several newer sweet cherry varieties are, and the trees at Apple Hill are now mature enough to bear well.  The first crop of sweet cherries is the hybrid 'Cavalier'.  They are the same size as the Bing cherries, and I actually prefer them  because they are a little less sweet and have more of a cherry taste.  The cherry harvest should last a few weeks, perhaps longer.
   The jury verdict of "not guilty" for George Zimmerman should be the end of the affair.  If the Justice Department indicts him on some sort of trumped up "racial" charge it will be for purely political purposes and will be akin to double jeopardy for the defendant, which is unconstitutional.  Do we really want to be like Italy, where a person can be tried over and over until finally found guilty?  Sounds like counting the votes over and over until you win, doesn't it? 

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