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Sunday, July 21, 2013




Monday, 8:00 AM.  62 degrees F,  wind N, light.  The sky has a high overcast, the humidity is 90% and the barometric pressure is 29.66".  It looks like we will get some rain today.
   Sunday was a quiet day of rest, devoted to church and baseball, and quite welcome after a rather hectic week working on the landscape project, several days in very oppressive heat and humidity.
   While we were cooking supper yesterday with the kitchen window open we both thought we heard Buddy playing with one of his squeak toys outside, but there he was, right under our feet.  Turns out the "squeaking" was a fledgeling downy woodpecker clinging to the trunk of the mountain ash tree right out the window. 
   Christ Church, Episcopal, is having a pretty successful summer, with tourists attending the services along with our handful of parishioners.  We are far too small a congregation to have a parish priest these days, but we are getting along quite well seasonally by offering the parsonage to visiting priests from the diocese who wish to vacation in Bayfield in exchange for a Sunday service.  It is a very practical business plan, which keeps the historic Carpenter Gothic church in use, and provides us with a mission; serving visiting Episcopalians and others who may simply appreciate the beauty of the church and the traditional service.  The rotation of clergy also gives us an expanded perspective on Christianity and the Episcopal doctrine.  And if we don't like the delivery all we have to do is wait for the next Sunday.
   Not wishing to do anything but hang out at home we watched the Milwaukee Brewers baseball game, which was a pitchers' duel (sounds boring, but wasn't, due to great defensive play by both teams).  The game went thirteen innings before it was won by Milwaukee, one to nothing.  The winning hit was by rookie Brian Gimbl, and was his first major league home run.
   The game went on so long that the world famous Usingers Sausage Racers raced twice.
    We have a Tree Board meeting this morning and will be out trimming young street trees if the rain holds off.

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